The Whale Tea

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The Whale Tea, this beloved beverage and dessert store which has more than 500 outlets across China has finally arrived in Sydney, exclusively in Burwood Chinatown! The brand is famed for its use of uncommon ingredients as well as its striking looks and colour combinations.

Their famous “The Whale Tea” drink uses peach gum collagen as the key ingredient, an alternative to the typical boba pearls (regular boba pearls are still available). Their signature Wu Liang Ye Ice Cream features cocoa, activated charcoal and Wu Liang Ye, a Chinese liquor.

The ice cream is served in a chocolate charcoal cone with sprinkles of gold powder. This combination of flavours also comes in the form of soufflé.

Fun Fact:
Why is it called The Whale Tea?
In Chinese, whales are pronounced as ‘jing’ which phonetically sounds like Nan-‘Jing’, and Nanjing is the brand’s place of origin.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday 12:00pm to 9:00pm