Da Jian Chen

Ground Floor | Shop 3C

They don’t serve your usual pancakes and waffles here at Da Jian Chen, find Chinese pancakes and also egg waffles (aka. eggette) at this corner store in Burwood Chinatown entrance.

The Chinese pancake – Jianbing Guozi is one of the most popular traditional street food breakfast from Tianjing, China that are similar to crepes. Press your face against the glass to see your Jianbing Guozi made on the spot with eggs, sesame, sauces, crispy fried cracker, sausages, scallions and your choice of meat.

The eggettes are even better, a fresh eggette is placed in a cup and FILLED with fruit, chocolate, ice cream, cream, all the good stuff. Grab one and easily demolish it while roaming around Burwood Chinatown.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 11:00am – 10:30pm