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National Bubble Tea Day 1000 Bubble Tea Giveaway

1000 Bubble Tea Giveaway

To celebrate the National Bubble Tea Day, Burwood Chinatown hosted a spectacular two-day bubble tea giveaway event from Friday 30th April to Saturday 1st May 2021. 1000 free bubble teas were handed out to the public at Burwood Chinatown Grounds on a first-come, first-served basis. With traffic of over a thousand participants, Burwood Chinatown once again accomplished an exciting and COVID-safe major event.

The giveaway connected bubble tea lovers from all over Sydney, welcoming them to enjoy a simple yet delicious treat on the house, and share the love with their friends and families. A range of artisan bubble teas, fruit teas and purple rice yogurts was offered from the best bubble tea makers in Sydney including Chatime, CoCo, King T, Milk Flower, The Burwood Hotel and The Moo. 

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“If you've had a particularly hard week and you're looking for a way to treat yourself, you've come to the right place. To celebrate National Bubble Tea Day today, Burwood Chinatown is giving away 1,000 free boba.”

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“Head to Burwood Chinatown Grounds via Clarendon Place from 6pm to 8pm to score yourself a milk tea, fruit tea or purple rice yogurt from Chatime, CoCo, King - T, Milk Flower, The Burwood Hotel or The Moo.”

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